Why Measuring the Colour of Dog Toys Matters

Why Measuring the-Colour of Dog Toys-Matters

Why Measuring the Colour of Dog Toys Matters

You have a cute dog at home and you want to buy a new toy for him. You go to the nearest toy shop for pets and look for the best puppy toys that you would find interesting. Dog toys are available in many different materials, shapes, and colours. You will buy the toy you find most beautiful and suitable for your dog. But have you ever paused for a moment and thought about which colour toy you should buy for your dog? The colour of dog toys is as important as their material and shape.  Let us understand this fact in detail.All You Need To Know About Dog Toys And Their Importance.

Most dog owners make the mistake of buying dog toys without paying any attention to how dogs perceive colours. Many think that dogs only see in shades of black and white. This is not true and dogs can differentiate between colours. However, dogs are not blessed with three cone cells to see and differentiate between red, yellow, blue, and green wavelengths. Dogs can only see in blue and yellow wavelengths. This is why choosing the right colour of dog toys matters so much for dog owners.

Now that you know that your dog cannot identify and differentiate between red and green colours, it is better for you to not get attracted to these colours even if you find the best puppy toys. The red colour would be seen as muddy by your dog and even green would appear yellowish to him. It is really funny that most of the popular dog toys sold in toy shops are red and green. What is the benefit of buying a dog toy in these colours when your dog cannot see them as they are? Choosing the colour of dog toys according to your liking is not good for your dog.

You may be left wondering why your dog is not going after the toy you have bought so lovingly for him? But the fault lies not with your dog but with you for being insensitive to his ability to perceive various colours. Best puppy toys are those that match the ability to see different colours. If you are playing with your dog in the garden and find that he is not able to differentiate the colour of the dog toys from the colour of the grass, it simply means you have not picked up the right toy for him.

‘Love’N Care toys’ makes the best puppy toys as it understands the special abilities of dogs to perceive colours. Make sure to choose the colour of the dog toys carefully when you buy the best puppy toys for your dog the next time.

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