What Is he best chew toy for a large dog?

What Is he best chew toy for a large dog? - Love n care toys

What is the best chew toy for large dogs – Best Toys For Big Dogs?

Like most dog owners, you understand all too well that finding a rubber dog toy that lasts is a bit of a hassle. But if your fur baby is a breed that grows really big, your need for a durable interactive dog toy is significantly higher. In a nutshell, the bigger the dog, the more attention you need to pay to his dog toy.

There are so many rubber dog toys on the market, from ropes to balls, bones, and plushes, selecting the best chew toy for a large dog is a bit of an ordeal for two reasons:

The Sheer Size Of Your Dog

Your furry friend has grown to his full, size and now, his old toys seem too small, or maybe he has succeeded in ripping them to shreds. Large dogs typically have larger mouths and stronger jaws. If you need to choose a chew toy for a large dog breed, the best thing to do is to pay attention to the size of the toy. If the toy is too small, it may constitute a choking hazard for your dog. Your dog may also break off and swallow a piece which may prove dangerous for your dog, and expensive for you. Your dog may choke and without urgent medical attention, die. If your dog succeeds in swallowing the chunk, it may clog up or irritate his intestines leading to medical complications that may cause death if left untreated. All these are expensive risks to take regardless of your dog survived the ordeal.

The Strength Of Your Dog’s Jaws

As mentioned above, large dog breeds have strong jaws and large teeth. The strength of your dog’s jaws determines what chew toys are suitable for your dog. Typically, rubber dog toys are quite durable and flexible enough to withstand bites from large dogs. If your dog is chewing extremely aggressively, the best bet is to identify the underlying cause of your dog’s aggressive chewing. Once you have remedied the cause of your dog’s excessive chewing, you may give your dog size-appropriate organic dog toys. Large dog breeds can exert a large amount of force on any object they get their teeth on. Some dog breeds have been known to have enough bite force to break human bones, so, if you have a large dog, your dog’s toy must be able to withstand the force of your dog’s bites.

General Consideration For Selecting Chew Toys For Big Dogs

Large dog breeds usually have powerful jaws, and if your interactive dog toy is not durable enough, your dog’s teeth and jaws may obliterate the toy in a matter of minutes. This is why you need to consider the following when selecting a toy for a big dog.

The Materials Used To Make The Toy

Dog toys are made from a wide range of materials, from plastics to ceramics to ropes. The best chew dog for a large dog with powerful jaws should contain no filling or small parts that can be broken off. Most importantly, the interactive dog toy should be made from durable materials.

A rubber dog toy made from durable rubber is suitable for large breeds due to its tough consistency and flexibility. If your interactive dog toy is made from rope, it would most likely withstand the force of your dog’s teeth and jaws. Dog toys made from durable materials only should be given to large dogs.

Dog toys made from flimsy materials like latex should be avoided because your dog may rip through the materials and swallow a chunk. If you are going to give your dog a plush toy, you should be certain that your dog will not attempt to rip through the toy.  A good way to do this is to keep the toy with you in bed through the night. Your scent would likely rub off on the toy, preventing your dog from trying his teeth on the toy.

The Size Of The Dog Toy

Dog toys come in different shapes and sizes. Once you are certain that the interactive dog toy was made with durable material, you need to be sure that the organic dog toy is not too small for your dog. A general rule of thumb is; if the toy is small enough to fit in your dog’s mouth completely, it is too small for your dog.

You need to select interactive dog toys that are not too small for your dog to eliminate the choking hazards. The dog toy you give your dog should be too big for your dog to swallow whole, yet small enough for your dog to carry around.

The Secondary Purpose Of The Toy (IF Any)

The main purpose of getting your dog a chew toy is to provide an acceptable way for your dog to exercise his teeth and jaws. If however, you seek to stimulate your dog mentally, train or teach your dog some tricks, then you should select rubber dog toys that are suitable for such a purpose.

If for instance, you mean to teach your dog to play “fetch”, a  dog ball or frisbee would be an ideal interactive dog toy to select. However, the size and durability of the toy should still be considered. If you mean to stimulate your dog mentally, a treat-dispensing interactive dog toy would be the best choice. It would provide your dog with hours of mental exercise while you are away.

Rubber Dog Toy Saucer

You can use throwing toys to train your dog’s speed and agility. Teaching your dog to catch a frisbee is a great way to do this. If you seek to give your dog a bit of strength training, rope toys will provide a great opportunity for your dog to play tug, and exercise the strength of his jaw and his entire body.

If you want a chew toy that also cleans your dog’s teeth, you may want to consider a dental chew toy. These toys were designed specifically to help clean your dog’s teeth. They may feature nubs and bristles that will scrape plaque and tartar off your dog’s teeth as your dog chews on them.

Dental chew toys are a great way to satisfy your dog’s natural desire to chew while providing teeth cleaning benefits.

The Style Of Play

Playtime comes in different styles. While some dogs get to play out in the open, in dog parks, or take a long walk around the neighborhood, other dogs get to play in the pool or other water bodies. If your dog would not be playing in the pool, you need not worry about the buoyancy of your dog’s toy. However, if your dog frequently plays in the pool, you need a rubber dog toy that floats. Additionally, if your dog has an aversion to water, and you would like to encourage your dog to play in the pool, a good way to do this is by introducing floating dog toys. Your dog may go into the pool after his favorite rubber dog toy, but only if it floats. A floating toy can be used to encourage your dog to swim.

When you have a big dog, it is important that you identify your dog’s needs in order to figure out the best chew toys to give your dog. By selecting the right interactive dog toys for your dog, you can eliminate risk factors and provide your dog with adequate physical and mental stimulation.

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