All You Need To Know About Dog Toys And Their Importance.

All You Need To Know About Dog Toys And Their Importance.

All You Need To Know About Dog Toys And Their Importance

Dogs are prone to quite a few behavioral problems. These behavioral problems are usually a result of boredom or excessive pent-up energy. Dogs need physical stimulation as well as mental stimulation to have a happy and fulfilled life. Your dog must have a channel to direct its energy towards. Having so much energy and nothing to do with it is terrible for your dog and may result in behavioral problems such as excessive digging chewing furniture, clothes, shoes, and shrubbery.

Importance of dog toys.

Being such intelligent animals, it is quite easy for dogs to get bored. Boredom can have a negative effect on dogs and may activate their destructive tendencies without enough exercise, dogs can get irritable and lethargic. In some cases, without exercise, dogs may have excess energy and without a means to channel this excess energy, they may become destructive. Dog toys are great for preventing these unwanted outcomes. Providing your dog with a good dog toy will help stimulate your dog’s mind. Your dog will be encouraged to use his instinct, for problem-solving, chasing, or searching. These activities are fun for your dog and your dog will enjoy playing with interactive dog toys. In addition, playing with rubber dog toys will encourage your dog to be active and healthy as a result. Interactive dog toys can be used to encourage learning while playing.

Types of Dog toys

Dog toys are useful for both physical and mental stimulation, and they also keep your dog’s destructive tendencies at bay. Dog toys come in different shapes and sizes, and they have different specific purposes. Based on the type of dog you have, there are different types of toys suitable for different dog breeds.


All dogs love balls, regardless of breed, age and size. For young dogs who may still be teething, soft plush balls are better. However, dog balls with a harder exterior are great for adult dogs. As the ball rolls, the dog instinctively chases after it, ultimately fulfilling its prey drive.

Stuffed toys.

These are soft, safe, and cuddly toys. These toys are safe for your dog’s mouth, and they come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Many dogs tend to grow attached to these toys and may prefer to keep the toys in their sleeping area.

Rope Toys

These toys are shaped like knotted ropes. Our dog may bite on one end while you hold on to the other end and play a little game of tug. These toys are suited to your dog’s natural way of playing and dogs will most likely react positively to these toys.

Chew toys.

Dogs have an instinct to chew. Even after your dog has teethed, they still get the urge to chew on things from time to time. Chew toys provide your dog with an acceptable way of satisfying their urge to chew. Chew toys ensure that your dog can exercise their jaws and teeth on something safe and acceptable rather than chewing on clothes, shoes, books, etc. chew toys take various shapes,  some are shaped like sticks, other like bones, animals, and even ropes. The durability of chew toys varies just as widely things the variation in the average bite force of dog breeds. It is important to ensure that your dog’s bite force and chewing power collates with the durability of the chew toy.

Puzzle toys

Puzzle toys provide mental stimulation for your dog. They challenge your dog’s brainpower and help your dog develop their coordination. They also help your dog develop their instincts. Puzzle toys can be in the form of physical toys or electronic games.

Treat-dispensing Toys

Treat dispensing toys are a type of puzzle dog toys as your dog would need to figure out how to use the toy to get to the treat. You can fill and refill treat-dispensing toys with your dog’s favorite treat. Treat dispensing toys provide your dog with mental stimulation and can engage your dog for hours on end as your dog struggles to get to the treat. It also provides an automatic reward system that keeps your dog interested.

Does your dog need toys?

You may have wondered at some point exactly what the point of interactive dog toys is and if your furry friend really needs them. The answer is quite simple: Yes they do!!! All dogs, regardless of breed, age and size can benefit immensely from having the right kind of toys, the mental and physical stimulation dogs get from playing with rubber dog toys provide them with lots of physical and psychological health benefits. Dogs tend to get bored when they have nothing to do, and with the right interactive dog toys, your dog will have lots of fun activities to do and an acceptable channel for their excess energy.

Rubber dog toys are great for preventing your dogs from chewing inappropriate objects such as cushions, furniture, or other belongings of yours.

Interactive dog toys provide a welcome distraction that prevents your dogs from chewing on your belongings while still providing them a way to fulfill their chewing needs.  Toys help dogs to relax during periods of stress.

What type of toy should I give my dog?

The wide variation in dog breeds and temperaments is reflected in the wide variation in dog toy types and functions. There are quite a few organic dog toys on the market and each of these dog toys are suited for dogs with specific traits more than others. A good way to determine the best toy for your pooch is to go by their temperament.

Smart Dogs

If your dog is a smart one, impressing you with his intelligence at every turn, the best dog toy to give your dog would be an interactive dog toy. Interactive dog toys will provide your dog with a good mental workout and help further improve your furry friend’s intelligence.

Active dogs

If your dog is one that rarely ever stays in a spot for more than a few seconds, what you need is a way to burn off some of their excess energy so that they can cool down after a good playing session. By throwing rubber dog toys, dogs can learn to play fetch and bond better with their owners. Throwing toys encourage the fog to run and pick up the toy. Some throwing toys may produce some sound, catching the dog’s attention in the process.

Playful Dogs.

Dog toys are great for bonding with your dogs. You may enjoy some playtime with your dog too. Rope toys are a great way to play and interact with your dog. Rope toys are great for playing tug of war with your dog and allowing your dog to exercise his entire body. Dog balls are also great for playful dogs to chase after, catch and retrieve.

Lazy Dogs

Some dogs are quite content to lie around all day. While this may not bother you, it is quite unhealthy for your dog. A squeaky toy provides the best distraction and motivation. Squeaky toys trigger your dog’s prey drive and encourage them to bite on the toy as they play with the toy.

How to keep your dog from getting bored with his toys

Toys are great for dogs, and when you match the toy to the dog’s personality, toys provide much-needed stimulation for your dog. However, there is such a thing as overstimulation. Your pooch may become bored with his toy over time and the excitement to play with the toy becomes less. If this happens, the best way to deal with this is by taking the toys away. You can give the toys back one at a time when you want to reintroduce the toys. Doing this will re-engage your dog’s lust for play and even develop your bond with your dog.  With limited exposure to toys, your dog will value his toy more and the fun and excitement of playtime will be re-discovered.

Dog toys are an important part of your dog’s playtime and exercise routine. Providing your dog with interactive dog toys will help you keep boredom at bay and forestall your dog’s destructive tendencies.

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