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Natural Rubber Dog Toy- Teether Clean


Love’ N Care Dog Toy- Teether Clean is made from Organic 100% Natural Rubber.

Small size toothbrush with Bone end. One end is a brush and the center part has holes for the paste to come out. Unscrew the square end and put toothpaste in the center tube and screw back the end. The toothpaste comes out of the center holes.

This dog toy is made for puppies and small dogs only. It is made from a strong rubber compound and is fairly durable but it is not indestructible. After constant use, should it get damaged, please discard and buy a new one.

“Clean Breath All day Long!”

Every day you brush your Teeth- probably before nine. But if you have a Pet at Home- it needs brushing all the Time.

Provide your puppy with plenty of opportunities to teeth to his heart’s content, and are created to withstand vigorous chewing.



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