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Natural Rubber Dog Toy- Studded Rugby Ball


Love’n Care Dog Toy- Studded Rugby Ball. This Dog toy is made from Organic Natural Rubber has been designed to give a great bounce and also give out food that is filled up in the dog toy.

The shape is such that it has a flip flop bounce and throws out the food, which the dog loves to eat up as it comes out of the dog toy.

This dog toy is made from a strong rubber compound and is fairly durable but it is not indestructible. After constant use, should it get damaged, please discard and buy a new one.

Play Rugby with your pet!

This dog toy is perfect for outdoor fun whether it’s a game of fetch, tug of war, or just casual play. It is shaped like a rugby ball with a hole in the canter. The pimples on the surface help remove plaque from dog’s teeth.

This dog toy is Made from Organic Natural Rubber.

Studded Rugby Ball Sizes

Large, Medium, Small


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