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Love’n Care Dog Toy – Studded Ball with bell 4 cm Dog Toy is Made from Organic Natural Rubber and has studs all over the surface and a bell inside. The studs on this rubber dog toy help in cleaning of the teeth of the dog and the bell makes a sound when the ball is thrown down and the dog loves this. There is a hole on each side. The larger one for the dog food to be put inside and then the ball is thrown, the dog runs to catch it and eats up the food that falls out of the ball. This dog toy is made from a strong rubber compound and is fairly durable but it is not indestructible.  After constant use, should it get damaged, please discard and buy a new one.
Hollow Rubber Ball Dog Toy is made from Organic Natural Rubber with a Bell inside and small studs, all over the outside for the dog to play and enjoy chewing on it. Made with Advanced Natural Rubber compound and with thick walls the toy gives a longer life in use. Made from Organic Natural Rubber. CE Marked So Safe for Children too. Love ‘N Care rubber solid and studded ball are great dog toys with a great bounce and not easily destroyed by dogs.

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