Natural Rubber Dog Toy- Star Ball Peppermint / Star Ball With Hole


Love’n Care Dog Toy- Star ball Peppermint / Star Ball with Hole Dog Toys are made from Organic 100% natural rubber.

Peppermint flavoured star ball with spikes to help clean the plaque in teeth. A Rubber Ball with hole for Dog food and pimples to clean the dog’s teeth. Best Rubber Toy in a ball shape.

This dog toy is made from a strong rubber compound and is fairly durable but it is not indestructible. After constant use, should it get damaged, please discard and buy a new one.



Fresh peppermint in the ball-Fresh mint in Dog Toy!

Peppermint flavoured star ball with spikes to helps to clean away plaque from teeth. A rubber ball with a hole for dog food and a mouthwash to clean dog’s teeth. It is not only good ball to keep your pet busy but also helps you in training the puppy.

This Dog Toy is Made from Organic Natural Rubber.

Star Ball Sizes

85 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm


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