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Squeaky Bone with Paw Design

Play with your pawsA squeaky bone shaped toy with small spikes for cleaning the Plaque. Made from Or..

Rs.140.00 Ex Tax: Rs.125.00

Basket Ball 40mm with Chew

Organic Natural Rubber Ball with Chew Ropes!The organic natural rubber ball has small studs that cle..

Rs.115.00 Ex Tax: Rs.102.68

Mini Pig with Coiled Rope

Mini Pig with Coiled Rope. The Mini Pig made of Organic Natural Rubber...

Rs.160.00 Ex Tax: Rs.142.86

Tennis ball

Let them fetch it Make your dog chase the ball and have a ball. ..

Rs.90.00 Ex Tax: Rs.80.36

Tennis ball with Chew

Organic Natural Rubber ball with thick chew Rope!The organic natural rubber ball has small studs tha..

Rs.115.00 Ex Tax: Rs.102.68

Basket ball 58mm

Best recreation for pets The small basket ball keeps your pet engaged and excited. Made from Or..

Rs.205.00 Ex Tax: Rs.183.04

Tennis ball 40 mm with Rope

For your outdoorsy pet!It is a ball made from Organic Natural Rubber with a unique tennis pattern et..

Rs.115.00 Ex Tax: Rs.102.68


In dogs boredom is a common problem and it can actually lead to destructive and dangerous behaviours..

Rs.220.00 Ex Tax: Rs.196.43

Bouncy Top

Watch this top bounce!Shaped like a spinning top with a hole in the center, it has a crazy flip-flop..

Rs.265.00 Ex Tax: Rs.236.61

Studded Rugby Ball

Play Rugby with your pet It is shaped like a rugby ball with a hole in the center. The pimples on th..

Rs.235.00 Ex Tax: Rs.209.82

Playtime clock

Time to play Clock shaped toy which shows the time at 5:40 pm. Work over! Time to play with you..

Rs.200.00 Ex Tax: Rs.178.57

Studded Dumbell

Dumbbells that give clean teethRubber toy in the shape of dumbbells, with pimples on its surface tha..

Rs.150.00 Ex Tax: Rs.133.93

Rubber Soother

Pups need all the love and care Made from Non-Toxic food grade Rubber fitted with a small plast..

Rs.125.00 Ex Tax: Rs.111.61

Play Toy Kit

A set of play toys for your pet!A kit made of assorted toys that keep your pet busy and engaged Just..

Rs.1,220.00 Ex Tax: Rs.1,089.29

Tyre me out

Tyre that lasts really longGreat tyre shaped toy for filling food in the cavity and rolling so it co..

Rs.245.00 Ex Tax: Rs.218.75


It deals a treat!Fill up the spaces with dog biscuits and roll it, the dog will run and get it back ..

Rs.130.00 Ex Tax: Rs.116.07