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Studded Bone with Rope

A throwing toy that’s a bone too Pets love bones and they will enjoy fetching it when you toss ..

Rs.240.00 Ex Tax: Rs.214.29

Paw Design Dumbell with Chew Rope

It's their own!The paw design rubber dumbbell which can be grasped easily when you command your pet ..

Rs.160.00 Ex Tax: Rs.142.86

Rectangular Glove

The best pet grooming glove.Rectangular glove with small flatter teeth for a good scrubbing massage ..

Rs.245.00 Ex Tax: Rs.218.75

Scrubba Glove

For the ultimate scrubbing and cleaning your pet requires.For proper scrubbing of your pet dogs coat..

Rs.245.00 Ex Tax: Rs.218.75

Studded Bone

The bone that flosses your pet's teeth  Great for chewing and flossing of your pet's teeth..

Rs.185.00 Ex Tax: Rs.165.18

Lilliput Brush Key Chain

Souvenir for pet loversA miniature groomer brush attached to a keychain.  A must for dog lovers..

Rs.55.00 Ex Tax: Rs.49.11

Rugby Ball with thin Chew

Chew toy which also flosses!The teeth on the rugby ball clean while the rope provides a chew to..

Rs.300.00 Ex Tax: Rs.267.86

Super Groom

The handheld vacuum cleaner Specially designed bristles to remove unwanted dog hair from car seats, ..

Rs.340.00 Ex Tax: Rs.303.57

Meat piece with Squeaky

Meat treat for your pet! A solid rubber meatloaf for your pet to chew on and relish. Made from ..

Rs.260.00 Ex Tax: Rs.232.14

Wonder Glove

The best pet grooming glove!Soft teeth on one side and shorter harder teeth on the other to give the..

Rs.320.00 Ex Tax: Rs.285.71

Twister ball with rope

Unique rope flosser  The rope is embedded in the ball made from Organic natural rubber and it f..

Rs.260.00 Ex Tax: Rs.232.14

Catt Mitt Glove Small

Grooming pets friend! It has soft rubber pimples on both sides for the shiny fur and perfect gr..

Rs.160.00 Ex Tax: Rs.142.86

New Massage Glove

A parlor trip sitting at home  It has soft rubber pimples on both sides for the shiny fur ..

Rs.265.00 Ex Tax: Rs.236.61

Squeaky Snake

A snake that makes a noiseA snake-shaped rubber toy with small pimples which help in removing plaque..

Rs.300.00 Ex Tax: Rs.267.86

Studded Ball with Bell and Rope

Ball with a BellHollow Rubber Ball made of Organic natural rubber with Bell inside and smalls studs ..

Rs.135.00 Ex Tax: Rs.120.54

Twister bone with rope

Flosser with sharp teeth Has sharp teeth all over for flossing/cleaning the leftover food in do..

Rs.260.00 Ex Tax: Rs.232.14