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Triangles design ball with rope

Fun ball with crazy triangles It is an organic natural rubber ball with unique triangles patter..

Rs.160.00 Ex Tax: Rs.142.86

Tennis ball with rope

For your outdoorsy pet  You and your dog both like your tennis ball. So here is a tennis b..

Rs.395.00 Ex Tax: Rs.352.68

Mini Love N Care Clean Set

Mini Love N Care Clean SetA set of Scrubber for your small Pet. Let him feel the enjoyment of the so..

Rs.180.00 Ex Tax: Rs.160.71


It is a ring trail Pets love it because they get a trail of rings made from Organic Natural Rubber f..

Rs.375.00 Ex Tax: Rs.334.82

Hollow Squeaky Dumbell Bone Design

The bone design with dumbbellThis Organic Natural Rubber toy shaped like a dumbbell with paw design ..

Rs.140.00 Ex Tax: Rs.125.00

U Bolt Toy

It's a horseshoe-shaped toy magnet that draws your pet  A magnet shaped chew toy with ring..

Rs.200.00 Ex Tax: Rs.178.57

Solid Ball with six side Star

A unique chew toy that cleans too  A multi-colored ball with raised pimples in order to pr..

Rs.265.00 Ex Tax: Rs.236.61

Fan Ball

Keep Rolling!A hollow fan shaped toy for the dog to keep rolling with. Can be used as a fetch toy ev..

Rs.150.00 Ex Tax: Rs.133.93

Oval Face Brush

Convenient Oval shaped BrushOval shaped face brush for the perfect face grooming of your pet. Remove..

Rs.265.00 Ex Tax: Rs.236.61

Squeaky Ball

Entices your pet with the sound  A very enticing toy which makes a squeaky sound whenever ..

Rs.140.00 Ex Tax: Rs.125.00

Palm Pad with Sponge

For the frothiest shampoo!The ideal sponge to give your pet a shampoo in the sun. Keep scrubbing and..

Rs.265.00 Ex Tax: Rs.236.61

Six sided star ball with chew rope

A solid rubber pet toy  A solid rubber hexagonal bone is a sure treat for your pet while he is ..

Rs.310.00 Ex Tax: Rs.276.79


Clean and shining teeth!Shaped like the bottom of a Tiger's paw with bristles to help remove leftove..

Rs.260.00 Ex Tax: Rs.232.14

Cool Groomer Small

Wash and Clean at onceThe shape is specially designed so as not to slip for a perfect wash and shamp..

Rs.265.00 Ex Tax: Rs.236.61


For your fancy PetsA very strong toy available for Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Dogs who are..

Rs.135.00 Ex Tax: Rs.120.54

Rubber ring

Makes play time in the lawn fun  A classic craftsman's work to keep the dog busy out in th..

Rs.60.00 Ex Tax: Rs.53.57