Leads and Collars

Leads and Collars

Leads and Collars for Dogs

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Simple dog lead

Easy to manage lead  9 mm dog lead. The simplest of dog leads with metal clamps to hold th..

Rs.210.00 Ex Tax: Rs.187.50

Textured solid lead

A leash which is soft yet firm 15 mm textured solid lead with snap hook, rubber covers, and cla..

Rs.245.00 Ex Tax: Rs.218.75

Classic collar

Long-lasting classic collar Classic nylon dog collar with adjustable metal fittings. Strong nylon an..

Rs.210.00 Ex Tax: Rs.187.50

Nylon Collar

A collar can also be comfortable Adjustable broad width dog collar with high tensile plastic se..

Rs.220.00 Ex Tax: Rs.196.43

Single head dog lead

Enjoy the walk with your pet 12 mm single head dog lead with snap hook and clamp attractive blu..

Rs.210.00 Ex Tax: Rs.187.50

Acryllic Heavy Lead

Controlling Large dogs isn't that hard 30 mm acrylic soft heavy lead with snap hook. 2 m long acryli..

Rs.260.00 Ex Tax: Rs.232.14

Single head dog lead

Never lose your pet17mm Single Head Dog Lead with Heavy Snap Hook and Plastic Cover Solid Acrylic le..

Rs.360.00 Ex Tax: Rs.321.43

Halter collar

Most pet-friendly and adjustable collar  Full body halter collar in order to remove the st..

Rs.360.00 Ex Tax: Rs.321.43

Solid Lead with Satin

Lead for Large dogs 15 mm PP solid lead with satin. 2.3 m long lead for large and extra large d..

Rs.380.00 Ex Tax: Rs.339.29