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Basket ball 58mm for Dachshund

Best recreation for pets - The small basket ball keeps your pet engaged and excited...

Rs.205.00 Ex Tax: Rs.183.04

Cotton Chew Small for Dachshund

Fine cotton chew rope - The best chew toy in the market by far, made of the finest quality of c..

Rs.215.00 Ex Tax: Rs.191.96

Doggy Saucer Small for Dachshund

A great throw toy - Shaped like a Frisbee this rubber toy floats in water and can be caught by ..

Rs.300.00 Ex Tax: Rs.267.86

Fan Ball for Dachshund

A hollow fan shaped toy for the dog to keep rolling with. Can be used as a fetch toy even in the con..

Rs.150.00 Ex Tax: Rs.133.93

Flappy duck with rope for Dachshund

Because pets love to chase birds - Keep your pet distracted while you give it a foamy bath..

Rs.270.00 Ex Tax: Rs.241.07

Floating Spikey Bone for Dachshund

Floating spike end bone - Amazing toy made from pure transparent natural ruber. Floats in water..

Rs.265.00 Ex Tax: Rs.236.61

Floating Star pull for Dachshund

Star shaped rubber pull - The new star shaped pull toy for small dogs and puppies Stretches eas..

Rs.245.00 Ex Tax: Rs.218.75

Love n Care Biscuit Small for Dachshund

The best biscuit for dogs - The revolutionary chew toy for dogs in two sizes. Looks like a regu..

Rs.160.00 Ex Tax: Rs.142.86

Mango Tango Small for Dachshund

The mango that does the tango - Uniquely shaped like a spinning top and a mango shaped bottom t..

Rs.235.00 Ex Tax: Rs.209.82

Mango tango with rope Small

The mango that does the tango - Uniquely shaped like a spinning top and a mango shaped bottom t..

Rs.265.00 Ex Tax: Rs.236.61

Mini Foody for Dachshund

Fill it with food and toss it - Fill up the mini foodie with food and roll it on the ground for..

Rs.410.00 Ex Tax: Rs.366.07

Minty Clean Small for Dachshund

The toothpaste dispenser for your pet - This bone shape cleaner is the ideal dental guard for y..

Rs.265.00 Ex Tax: Rs.236.61

Multi colored studded toy Small for Dachshund

Chew toy to clean the teeth - Made with rotating rubber rings with pimples on the surface, it c..

Rs.410.00 Ex Tax: Rs.366.07

Punky Funky Small for Dachshund

That's my attitude - A great new bouncing toy which has spikes on top for the cleaning of plaqu..

Rs.215.00 Ex Tax: Rs.191.96

Round end dog pull for Dachshund

Chew toy with a holder - Multipurpose toy with a holder on one end and a bone shaped chewing ai..

Rs.195.00 Ex Tax: Rs.174.11

Rubber ball solid 6.5 cm for Dachshund

Damage free chew toy - A solid rubber ball made of harder compound to beat the toughest of dogs..

Rs.260.00 Ex Tax: Rs.232.14